There are multiple ways
you can donate to Save Oswit Canyon:

1. Our preferred method since we incur no transaction fees is a paper check or bank e-check. Mail to:

Save Oswit Canyon, Inc.
1610 Dunham Rd.
Palm Springs, CA 92264

If you plan to mail a paper check, please download this file and fill it out with payment so that we can properly add you to our database.

2. Paypal. Search for ‘Save Oswit Canyon’ on their site. (Paypal transaction fee applies.)
 Or, you can click on the oval Donate Button to the right on this page.

3. Credit card transaction. We use Square.
(Square transaction fee applies.)

4. Charitable giving or managed fund account. Our EIN is 83-2006672.

5. Donate stock to our stock acceptance account. You can give your broker this PDF file. S/he will know what to do with it.

6. Hold a fundraiser house party for friends, neighbors and relatives. Contact us at or Jane Garrison directly at We have all the materials needed. We will give the presentation. You are the venue.

Here’s our profile on Guidestar (you need a logon to see it):

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